Kyle Luntz is an interdisciplinary Artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Working extensively with sound, he makes interactive installations and performances using modified acoustic instruments, physical computing, kinetic sculpture and real-time media processing. His work incorporates techniques from woodworking to video projection, favoring neither digital nor analog media, but whatever approach best suits the context. His work references perception, auditory illusions, multiple timescales and the physicality of sound. He draws inspiration from artists, instrument makers and musicians who reimagine the way sound, actions, objects and spaces create music. The work of John Cage, Terry Riley and David Tudor are among his main influences.

By designing musical systems with variables, constraints and tendencies, rather than predetermined outcomes, he allows the work to be fluid and generative. It can take the form of algorithmic composition, hybrid instruments or interactive spaces, all capable of endless musical permutations. Repurposing found objects for spatial acoustics, processing live media and programming environmental sensors for site-specific arrangements are some of the ways Luntz merges his work with the spaces he builds installations in.

An important aspect of his work is viewer participation; creating feedback between actions and media that is both intuitive and expansive. Weaving together collective experiences, objects and spaces connects to his engagement in open-source culture and his approach of decentralized authorship. He applies this to his educational work at Beam Center, an organization partnering with NYC public school youth to design collaborative, hands-on projects ranging from wearable electronics to large-scale, interactive public art sculptures.



  • 2020 4heads Artist in Residence Governors Island, NY


  • 2019 4Heads Portal: Governors Island, NYC
  • 2015 Saltgrass Printing Press, SLC UT
  • 2015 University of Utah Kinetic Sculpture Exhibition, SLC UT


  • 2019 Hart Bar, NYC
  • 2019 Fort Briscoe, NYC
  • 2019 Secret Project Robot, NYC
  • 2016 Urban Lounge SLC
  • 2016 Diabolical Records, SLC


  • 2019 Music Hackathon, NYC

Other Work:

  • 2017 – Present Beam Center: Project Designer
  • 2017 Eyebeam: Creative Technology Intern


  • 2015 BFA University of Utah 2015, emphasis: printmaking