Kyle Luntz is an interdisciplinary artist living in Brooklyn, NY. He is a self-taught musician, instrument maker and programmer who shares his passion for sound and electronics with youth through his work at Beam Center, and with the public through interactive installations and performances. His approach favors low-cost materials and open-source software to invite others to discover and create. Collaboration between peoples, objects and spaces in real time are an important aspect of his work; his reactive environments generate evolving compositions that are influenced by participants. 


  • email: kyle.m.luntz [at] gmail.com
  • instagram: @kyle.luntz


  • 2020 4heads Artist in Residence Governors Island, NY
  • 2021 4heads Artist in Residence Governors Island, NY


  • upcoming- 2021 4Heads Art Fair, Governors
  • 2019 4Heads Portal: Governors Island, NYC
  • 2015 Saltgrass Printing Press, SLC UT
  • 2015 University of Utah Kinetic Sculpture Exhibition, SLC UT


  • 2019 Hart Bar, NYC
  • 2019 Fort Briscoe, NYC
  • 2019 Secret Project Robot, NYC
  • 2016 Urban Lounge SLC
  • 2016 Diabolical Records, SLC


  • 2019 Music Hackathon, NYC

Other Work:

  • 2017 – Present Beam Center: Project Designer
  • 2017 Eyebeam: Creative Technology Intern


  • 2015 BFA University of Utah 2015, emphasis: printmaking