Memory 2020 (WIP)
Motion-reactive audio/video feedback and generative composition using Pure Data
Moon Jelly 2020
Raspberry Pi, glass jar, light-reactive generative composition based on the Harmonic Series
Pitch Flower (2019)
8 tilt switches, Rasberry Pi Zero, laser-cut acrylic
Automatic Harp (2019)
Autoharp, solenoids, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and graphical touch interface for programming polyrhythms
Automatic Harp (detail)
Music Box (2019)
Music box, piezo and audio delay circuit
Rotary (2019)
Re-housed Leslie Speaker, wood, Rapberry pi, Amplifier
Music Box + Rotary
Automatic Harp II (2019)
Zither, 2 servo motors, electromagnetic pickups and vibrational feedback
Automatic Harp II (detail)
Constellation (2019)
4 music boxes, electromagnetic pickups, raspberry pi
Constellation (detail)
Music Box II (2019)
paper music loop composition and spring-suspended piezo
Muisc Box II (detail)
Audio-Visual Sequencer with screen printed, laser-cut acrylic modular composition
Audio-Visual Sequencer (detail)
Modified Chord Organ (2016)
Cassette tape echo (2014)
2 cassettes joined by laser-cut acrylic and tape loop, feedback routing and attenuators